Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet! New York Magazine's Grub Street reviews the Song 7.2 Korea Burger!
"Song 7.2 Sells Bulgogi Burger for a Song
On the heels of New York Hot Dog & Coffee giving away bulgogi burgers last week, Song 7.2, the fun-loving Korean pub, has introduced a $5 burger as a special. Trust us, that’s a steal given the burger’s heft"

I just had to leave my post in the comments section!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Song 7.2 - Korean Restaurant experiments with a back to school burger special, and unknowly creates the best burger in the world

I finally found it! The burger love of my life.

I was crossing the street at 7th and 2nd, and saw a handwritten sign outside a Korean restaurant, it said, back to school special 5$. At first when I got the burger, it was just thrilled it came with fries.
Then I noticed that the burger looked nice and thick just like a Corner Bistro burger. I picked it up and the bun was perfect, the type of bun that won't tear on you half way through biting. Then I bit down, and I was shocked. The burger was juicy. And the flavor was amazing. I don't know how they give the meat that much flavor. You dont even need ketchup. Correction! its the first burger in my life that I have decided not to use ketchup because I didnt want to mask the meat flavor and take away from the goodness of the burger. It also has a tiny layer of onions on the top layer. pickles on the bottom layer, some amazing sauce. and a bit of lettuce. (but not an awkward leaf, this lettuce is properly chopped and won't fall out.)

But I don't judge a burger based on the moment of eating alone. (although I was actually mmmmminnng through the whole meal)

No, I really judge a meal by its crave value. How much does it induce addiction. After I ate that burger something happened to me. the next day I wanted it, no , I needed it again. That juicy yummy burger taste that perfect bun with a touch of sweetness. The perfect pickle in every bite. So I went again. And, then a personal record was broken. The next day I needed it again. It's been 7 days of this madness! I love it so much.

Walk, no run, away from this burger or you'll be addicted to Song 7.2 too!

Saturday, September 5, 2009 - Burger of the Month Club's top 10 Burgers...

Quoted from the New York Times:

The Favorites

These are the Burger of the Month Club’s top 10 burgers, in order:

PETER LUGER 178 Broadway (Driggs Avenue), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718) 387-7400.

DONOVAN’S PUB 57-24 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, Queens, (718) 429-9339.

CITY HALL 131 Duane Street (Church Street), TriBeCa (212) 227-7777.

PRIMEHOUSE 381 Park Avenue South (27th Street), (212) 824-2600.

BOBBY VAN’S GRILL 25 Broad Street (Exchange Place), Financial District, (212) 344-8463.

BURGER JOINT AT LE PARKER MERIDIEN 119 West 56th Street, Midtown, (212) 245-5000.

LANDMARC 179 West Broadway (Leonard Street), TriBeCa, (212) 343-3883.

GENESIS BAR & RESTAURANT 1708 Second Avenue (88th Street), Upper East Side, (212) 348-5500.

BLACK IRON BURGER 540 East Fifth Street (Avenue B), East Village, (212) 677-6067.

BACK FORTY 190 Avenue B (12th Street), East Village, (212) 388-1990.

(The Yelp reviews are terrible for black iron burger and back forty leave a comment if you disagree.)

These are some popular burgers with lower rankings:






Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black oak nights 3 top NYC burger suggestions

Quoted from

Bar Artisnal 
– 268 W. Broadway, New York, NY 10013
How can you say no to the burgers of Bar Artisanal? Of course, the burger of choice there is unquestionably the Artisnal Blend. Raved about in New York Magazine, the Artisanal Blend burger combines short rib with chuck beef in a combination so flavorful and juicy that you won’t believe you’re eating a burger. Served with house-made remoulade on brioche, the Artisanal Blend burger is just as classic as it is rare, and that’s a hard combination to come by in the world of hamburgers. So Tribeca’s secret is out. The Artisanal Blend burger is not just for the bankers and lawyers down on Wall Street looking for a lunch prix-fixe. Now you too know about this beef delicacy, which can be yours for the relatively low price of $13.

Five Napkin Burger – 630 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10036
Yes, the name of this burger-joint does coincide with its dietary concerns—or lack thereof. Five Napkin Burger caters to an extremely carnivorous crowd that likes to get dressed up before they scarf down their greasy—yet extremely tasty—treats. Their signature burger, the “Original 5 Napkin Burger,” is their signature burger for a reason. This greasy, juicy, sizzling, 10-ounce, beef monstrosity comes covered in rosemary aioli, Comte cheese and caramelized onions. Made from fresh-ground chuck, the Original 5 Napkin Burger oozes with flavor, which is possibly addictive, because I keep going back to pay the $13.95 just to taste God’s gift to burger-lovers every where.

I know BRGR can seem like a pretty trendy place that probably doesn’t have a decent burger in the joint, but that perception couldn’t be further from reality. With a selection of burgers and burger toppings that combine to give you a multitude of personalized options, BRGR is second to none when it comes to “having it your way.” That said, do it my way and try the Rainforest Burger, which is made of grass-fed beef, gruyere, avocado, mayonnaise and L&T. FIT students and Chelsea residents are already familiar with this place, which is why BRGR is making out like bandits with the Rainforest Burger and all of their menu options. So don’t be the last one to check it out. For just $9 you can try my favorite burger from here, and for as little as $7.55, you can choose from an array of signature burgers and toppings and still have enough money left over to pay for the cup of coffee you’ll need just to prevent the itus from hitting you on your way out the door.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top 5 list from - a blog about the best NYC burgers's
Top 5 Burger Joints

Shake Shack (Flatiron)
Spitzer's Corner (Lower East Side)
Royale (East Village)
JG Melon (Upper East Side)
5 Napkin Burger (Hell's Kitchen)

Links to Some of their reviews:ger Reviews

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trip Advisors Top Burgers List

Quoted from


  • This list does not include Kobe beef burgers or steakhouse burgers or burgers from other boroughs.
  • It's a list of places you can generally get a burger, fries, and drink for $10 or less in Manhattan, which by NYC standards is a bargain meal.
  • The list biases mostly to areas between midtown and the East & West Village.

#1. Burger Joint (Inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel) 
Where: 118 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

#2. Blue 9 Burger  (Eric's comment - "I really wasn't impressed")
Where: 92 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Where: 331 W. Fourth St., New York, NY 10014

#4. Shake Shack (Eric's comment - "It's a traditional old school dinner style burger you'd eat with a shake. Yummy but a totally different breed then corner bistro.")

Where: Madison Park, 23rd & Madison Ave., New York, NY

#5 Paul's Place (Eric's comment - "Yuck, are you guys serious! I had this burger. No no no!)

Most Underrated

Molly's on 23rd Street - old time Irish pub, hardwood floors with sawdust on them, roaring fireplace in the winter, perfect cheddar cheesebuger and onion rings. Grab a pint with it and it's heaven on earth.

Veselka in the East Village. Maybe one of the best bacon cheeseburgers in the city.