Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black oak nights 3 top NYC burger suggestions

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Bar Artisnal 
– 268 W. Broadway, New York, NY 10013
How can you say no to the burgers of Bar Artisanal? Of course, the burger of choice there is unquestionably the Artisnal Blend. Raved about in New York Magazine, the Artisanal Blend burger combines short rib with chuck beef in a combination so flavorful and juicy that you won’t believe you’re eating a burger. Served with house-made remoulade on brioche, the Artisanal Blend burger is just as classic as it is rare, and that’s a hard combination to come by in the world of hamburgers. So Tribeca’s secret is out. The Artisanal Blend burger is not just for the bankers and lawyers down on Wall Street looking for a lunch prix-fixe. Now you too know about this beef delicacy, which can be yours for the relatively low price of $13.

Five Napkin Burger – 630 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10036
Yes, the name of this burger-joint does coincide with its dietary concerns—or lack thereof. Five Napkin Burger caters to an extremely carnivorous crowd that likes to get dressed up before they scarf down their greasy—yet extremely tasty—treats. Their signature burger, the “Original 5 Napkin Burger,” is their signature burger for a reason. This greasy, juicy, sizzling, 10-ounce, beef monstrosity comes covered in rosemary aioli, Comte cheese and caramelized onions. Made from fresh-ground chuck, the Original 5 Napkin Burger oozes with flavor, which is possibly addictive, because I keep going back to pay the $13.95 just to taste God’s gift to burger-lovers every where.

I know BRGR can seem like a pretty trendy place that probably doesn’t have a decent burger in the joint, but that perception couldn’t be further from reality. With a selection of burgers and burger toppings that combine to give you a multitude of personalized options, BRGR is second to none when it comes to “having it your way.” That said, do it my way and try the Rainforest Burger, which is made of grass-fed beef, gruyere, avocado, mayonnaise and L&T. FIT students and Chelsea residents are already familiar with this place, which is why BRGR is making out like bandits with the Rainforest Burger and all of their menu options. So don’t be the last one to check it out. For just $9 you can try my favorite burger from here, and for as little as $7.55, you can choose from an array of signature burgers and toppings and still have enough money left over to pay for the cup of coffee you’ll need just to prevent the itus from hitting you on your way out the door.

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