Saturday, September 19, 2009

Song 7.2 - Korean Restaurant experiments with a back to school burger special, and unknowly creates the best burger in the world

I finally found it! The burger love of my life.

I was crossing the street at 7th and 2nd, and saw a handwritten sign outside a Korean restaurant, it said, back to school special 5$. At first when I got the burger, it was just thrilled it came with fries.
Then I noticed that the burger looked nice and thick just like a Corner Bistro burger. I picked it up and the bun was perfect, the type of bun that won't tear on you half way through biting. Then I bit down, and I was shocked. The burger was juicy. And the flavor was amazing. I don't know how they give the meat that much flavor. You dont even need ketchup. Correction! its the first burger in my life that I have decided not to use ketchup because I didnt want to mask the meat flavor and take away from the goodness of the burger. It also has a tiny layer of onions on the top layer. pickles on the bottom layer, some amazing sauce. and a bit of lettuce. (but not an awkward leaf, this lettuce is properly chopped and won't fall out.)

But I don't judge a burger based on the moment of eating alone. (although I was actually mmmmminnng through the whole meal)

No, I really judge a meal by its crave value. How much does it induce addiction. After I ate that burger something happened to me. the next day I wanted it, no , I needed it again. That juicy yummy burger taste that perfect bun with a touch of sweetness. The perfect pickle in every bite. So I went again. And, then a personal record was broken. The next day I needed it again. It's been 7 days of this madness! I love it so much.

Walk, no run, away from this burger or you'll be addicted to Song 7.2 too!

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